Propranolol 40mg

Propranolol 40mg

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Product Name: Propranolol 40mg

Name of active ingredient: Propranolol hydrochloride

Dosage: 40

Propranolol 40mg

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Propranolol belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blockers. It is used to:
- treat high blood pressure, an enlarged heart muscle or tremors
- treat angina pectoris (pain in the chest caused by blockages in the arteries leading to the heart) or high blood pressure caused by a tumour near a kidney (phaeochromocytoma)
- help prevent additional heart attacks
- control irregular or fast heart beats
- control fast heart rate and other symptoms caused by an overactive thyroid gland
- to reduce migraine attacks
- calm people who are anxious or worried
- prevent stomach bleeding in patients with high blood pressure in their liver or swollen blood vessels in their gullet.

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