Himalaya Himcolin 30gm (gel)

Himalaya Himcolin 30gm (gel)

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Strengthens erectile power and improves sexual potency.

Himcolin causes vasodilatation of the penile tissue and corrects erectile dysfunction. Himcolin also has soothing and moisturizing properties.
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Himalaya Himcolin 30gm (gel)

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Himcolin (gel) is the most potent blend of herbal extracts that work for maximum potency. A topical application that increases your staying power and intensity, resulting in maximum pleasure. Himcolin improves your control over the orgasms, which means you have the power to prolong ejaculation time too. With its action of pumping increased blood flow into the penis, Himcolin (gel) helps all men achieve longer-lasting erections and enhances every aspect of male sexual health and vigour.